We are Heineken – A guide to growing together
Print and web brochure


The challenge was to create a visually impactful document that could detail key industry trends and category insights for cider and beer, as well as cask, wine, spirits and soft drinks, in a user-friendly, informative manner. Heineken were looking to share the latest figures and advice for shaping their customer’s business, so tone was crucial. Integrating customer case studies throughout the guide, showing this advice in practice and bringing to life how proud Heineken are of the partnerships they have with their customers.

What we did

A brochure was developed with an emphasis on being a coffee table read, that customer’s could dip in and out of as their needs arose. Ease of read was achieved through the utilisation of a series of info-graphics to bring complex information into a succinct format, coupled with the use of carefully sourced images.

Grow you Business front and back
What's happening in spirits
Premium Keg Ales cover
Wine menu
Beer trends


The response from Heineken’s customers was exceptional, with great, positive feedback received from many. Off the back of the first edition, a second was commissioned with further emphasis on helping customers to grow their business. Specialist photography was arranged for the second edition to provide a library of relevant, owned images, to further enhance the look and relevance of the guide.

Additional sections were developed that advised customers on managing and mitigating the effects of the Pandemic as it started to hit the Hospitality industry hard.