Theakston Export Presenter
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Our client approached us to create a printed brochure that could showcase their products overseas. The product range and methods of dispense would be different from those on sale in the UK, ensuring that these elements, along with key selling points were immediately apparent was a pre-requisite of the finished brochure.

What we did

With the end user of the brochure at the forefront of decisions on the layout, the brochure was split into sections based on the dispense method as that is a key element of a stocking decision, with the most common form of dispense occupying the early pages. Colour coding was introduced along the bottom edge to help identify the dispense types, with pack and pallet configurations in an easy to read table on the back page. Printed on a silk stock with a matt laminated finish for a high quality look and feel.
Export Front cover
Export beers
Export Intro
Export bottle spread


The brochure made its first appearance at a Trade Show in Italy and was met with huge acclaim, setting a standard for the presentation of brands in overseas markets.