Theakston Brewery
Premium Keg Ales Sales Booklet


We were tasked with creating a new sales presenter, focussing solely on the keg ales in the Theakston portfolio.

What we did

The Theakston prime colours of black and gold lend themselves to a premium look, thus a premium keg ale presenter was born. However we felt that we still needed to set the Theakston keg ale presenter apart from the plethora of sales presenters available, so made a decision to create it in a square shape (210mm square, or A4 square). Close up photography of the brand lenses enabled us to create an atmospheric front page, this was then continued throughout with the selling stories for each of the brands in the keg portfolio.
Premium Keg Ales cover
Premium Keg Ales Inner


A sleek looking sales presenter, slightly different from the norm in the square shape, which gave a great platform for the three brands to be presented to prospective customers.