Horse and Farrier
Pub Sign


The owners of the Horse & Farrier were looking for a new hanging sign for outside their pub and had a very specific brief, in that they wanted to replicate an old sign from 30+ years ago that was found in an outbuilding. Armed with just a photograph of the old sign, we set about creating a new sign.

What we did

To replicate the old sign we found the best methodology would be to hand paint a new sign and combine an age old process of painting pub signs with the new digital process. Using acrylic paints on a canvass the base image of the farrier (blacksmith) shoeing a horse was created, from there the image was scanned ready to be taken into the next part of the process – the creation of the actual sign.
Full pub sign
Horse and Farrier Pub


Liaising with a local sign company the painting was scanned and the resultant image then translated into a format that could then be printed onto acrylic and installed as a hanging sign outside the pub. The owners and locals were extremely happy with the new sign, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the exterior of the pub.