Dartmoor Brewery
Discovery Range


We were tasked with providing an identity for a series of one-off brews for Dartmoor Brewery. They wanted an umbrella brand, with the flexibility to add new variations over time. The initial launch would consist of three brands.

What we did

Once the umbrella name was agreed – Dartmoor Discovery Range – we set about creating an identity for the concept. We felt that it was imperative that the identity would be at the centre of each Discovery brew, but had enough flexibility to ensure that each brew would have its own identity, primarily through name and colour.

A series of visual concepts were tested, with a logo involving a compass at its centre being the design chosen. With the overall logo now agreed, the next stage was to create a look for each of the planned brews – the look would manifest itself in the on bar presence (pump clip), in sales support materials and trade advertising. The result was a strong set of brand images that reflected the brewer’s heritage, but set apart the Discovery Range as a unique, exciting concept.

Discovery Range No 3
Discovery Range No 4
Discovery Range No 5
Discovery Range
Discovery Range Reverse


Initial response from the client and their trade customers has been extremely positive, with the first brew selling out in quick time. That initial success has been highlighted by a request for a beer that would have ordinarily been marketed solely as a Charity Ale, to be given the Discovery Range look and feel. A further development will be to look at extending the range into keg format…….more to come on this area.